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Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.

baked with love & passion

Baked fresh daily to offer a unique experience to thousands of guests daily with good foods and good people.

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Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.

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Develop new market initiatives to grow global presence, making it the “front-and-center” in the F&B category.

Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.

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Look for team members who are the core of what we do and what we stand for. Join the PB family to realize the full potential in you.

  • Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.

our story

The spirit of Sangmidang
Our origins were formed in 1945, in the heart of a small bakery in South Korea named Sangmidang. The spirit of Sangmidang, which is to not leave a single piece of bread unchecked, is still with us 76 years later.

Born from a love of bread and a passion for quality
In 1988, Paris Baguette began with its first store in South Korea. And now, we are an international fast-casual bakery and franchise specializing in French-inspired goods.

Ran to create a culture that didn’t exist before
Our motive was not just limited to providing daily food, but more to fill the memories of people who came by. We continued to make efforts to build a new “bakery culture” whereby everyone enjoys bread any time at anywhere of their day.

Vision & Mission

My friend, My love, My Paris Baguette
We are a company that provides a unique experience to customers by introducing a new trend-setting bakery and café concepts. Paris Baguette aspires to deliver happiness to our customers with the best product quality, customer-oriented mind, and creative mind. At our core, we are a bakery that is French inspired and innovates through global influences.

Constant effort of Paris Baguette
We are driven with an emphasis to provide a continuous innovative fare with a modern and wide selection of fresh, clean, and healthy products. Over Time, Paris Baguette developed robust competencies and committed and continuous investments in product development, operational innovation, technology, logistics, and brand-building.

  • Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.
Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.
Paris Baguette Singapore Pte Ltd.

Latest news

Paris Baguette to Open Its First Store In Malaysia
In January 2023, Paris baguette Malaysia opened the first Paris Baguette branch at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, making it the fifth store in the region through a partnership with Berjaya Food Berhad and Paris Baguette Singapore PLC. With the opening of the first store, Malaysians can anticipate more stores to be opened in cities across the country very soon.